Sunday, August 05, 2007

Busy Weekend

I set a goal for myself this weekend to clean the garage. I picked a really bad weekend to do this project because it was 91 degrees out by 10 am. But, I am a stubborn one and once I have my mind set on something, it takes a lot to get me to do something different, even if what I am doing doesn't make any sense.

This is what the garage looked like before I started on Saturday morning.

And, I can proudly say that by 3 pm on Sunday, after two trips to the storage place and two trips to Lowe's, the final product looks like this:

Now the car may even fit in the garage.

I also installed an electronic thermostat and moved a TV into the bedroom armoire. The TV thing took some work as the cable connection wasn't complete and the armoire wasn't made to be an entertainment center and I had to drill a large hole in the back to allow the cable and electronic card to go through the back.

It has been a very productive weekend. Now I need to go get groceries.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Work comes first!

Work has really taken me away from my other interests this past month. But, I have to admit that I know where my paycheck is coming from right now, and since the majority is not coming from my knitting and dyeing, I have to concentrate on work.

I have been traveling a lot and have been able to get some knitting done on my baby alpaca cable sock. So at least there has been one benefit to my busy schedule. And I am racking up many frequent flyer miles as well. Someday I will use them for a great trip.

Gwen has been a real handful lately. I am not sure exactly why. This is her showing off on her new cage. She looks scary but she is a real softy.