Monday, June 25, 2007

$35 Wool Madder Red Liberty or Death Cap?

On Sunday, I just finished knitting the second version of my Liberty or Death Cap. I love it. The lettering is much bigger and it didn't felt it too much. I knitted one on Saturday but I mistakenly felted it too much and it wouldn't even fit on my head, let alone try to stretch it to fit on a man's head.

I dyed the madder red wool yarn while we were at Bordentown 9-10 June 2007. The color is beautiful and the natural wool used on the lettering contrasts well.

I designed this hat to sell. With my labor and supplies, the cost would be $35. Would people be willing to pay $35 for a hand-dyed homemade Wool Madder Red Liberty or Death Cap?

I am weary about trying to sell the first on eBay as I never seem to get the money I want. I can't run a business without getting the cost of my labor and supplies. No matter how much I enjoy doing it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seven State Travel

My husband and I just returned from a whirlwind travel to see my husband's Mom in New York.

We started our trip with a 100-mile charity bike ride in Maryland. I took advantage of the trip to New York to travel a little out of our way to visit my girl friend in Cleveland, OH, and also to visit my sister in New York. We visited Saratoga Battlefield (really nice place and well groomed) and got to see the Benedict Arnold Monument (in which has only his boot and never lists his name - that will show him for being such a traitor). We finished it with a 18th century reenactment event at Bordentown, New Jersey.

(2007 Asthma Bike Century, Salisbury, Maryland) (Mike's Mom and Gwen)

(My sister, two of her boys, and my husband) (Gwen driving truck)
(Gwen at Saratoga)
(Gwen and I making lei's to give to everyone)

(Benedict Arnold Monument)

(Saratoga Battlefield)

(Bordentown, New Jersey)
(Dye Demonstration)
(Cochineal wool dyeing at Bordentown, NJ)
(Laundress demonstration at Bordentown, NJ)