Monday, February 25, 2008

Stockings Galore

In preparation for the 1st Virginia Regiment's Annual Meeting, I am getting together all the items I am going to try to sell.

I have three pair of imperfect knit over-the-knee natural hand dyed wool stockings (cochineal, logwood, and indigo); an over-felted hand dyed madder red Liberty or Death knitted cap; and a bag full of hand-dyed wool yarn scraps. I should have at least another pair of cochineal stockings completed before the weekend. This pair I hope will be perfect, without a fault.

I have also put up three bottles of vanilla. I saw a recipe on the Instructables website and it just sounded so great that I had to try it.

Meanwhile, my husband has been so sweet and has been installing an absolutely beautiful closet for our master bedroom. The closet was purchased from My husband says he had some problems at the beginning because the directions weren't clear enough. He still has another wall to do.

I failed to take a complete before picture of the closet. If you can, just imagine a closet with a pole and a shelf above it. Oh, and an unpainted wall. It's hard to take a picture of the entire closet because it is so skinny. If I stand at one end and take the picture, all you will see is the wall at the end, which at the moment is unfinished. The camera leaves out the entire wall on the left. And I can't stand anymore to the right to catch the wall in the picture. So, you will have to do with the pictures I have taken and my word that it is a lovely closet.

I also caught Gwen doing something weird. Not sure if you can see it in this photo but Gwen is almost asleep, her right foot up in the air, with a piece of yellow food in her mouth. Strange.