Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bicycling Parrot

I bought a really cute yard decoration during a trip to Ocean City, Maryland. It is so me with a parrot, with a straw hat, riding a bicycle. Just great. The wheels move in the wind.

My backyard has been taken over by squirrels and chipmunks. Here is a picture of one of the chipmunks taking advantage of the birdfood that has dropped out of the feeder. Look at those cheeks.

I dyed up another batch of madder red to knit up some more Liberty or Death caps.

And Gwen got a new stainless steel cage.

While moving the stuff from one cage to the other, I noticed what she has done with "Fred" her snuggle buddy. First the eyes were removed. And now, one foot is missing and not much is left of Fred's face.

And probably the biggest accomplishment, is that the car now fits in the garage.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Recent Acquisitions

I had a good weekend. Well, at least a good Sunday. I was sick all week from Wednesday to Saturday and Sunday was the first day I felt up to doing anything.

I did have to go out of the house on Saturday to go pick up my two pieces of art that I had hanging in the Alexandria City Hall since April for an event named "Art in City Hall". I hung them on my wall. When I need them again, I will have to take them down. Usable art on the wall - always nice.

I attended the Mount Vernon Craft Fair, always a great event, and made some wonderful purchases.

A beautiful basket that is really two baskets in one. The outside is in natural reed with a great marbled reed piece around the top. The inside is then another basket that is done in blue and prple rreds. Very nice. The artist is Kitty Frick of Rainbow's End from Charlotte Hall, Maryland. Kitty's email address is

And another new pot.

I was also able to start an indigo dye bath and a 5-liter crock of pickles (with carrots, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflowers).

Indigo wrapped up to hold in the heat from the heating pads.


I bought this 5-liter crock in Germany in 1994.

Oh, and I knit up a Liberty and Death Cap but I haven't sewn it up yet. It will then have to be felted.