Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Updated Website

Even though my Liberty or Death cap still doesn't have a bid yet on ebay, I still believe they are a great product and have added them to my brochure and website.

See Brochure

This weekend I believe that I will start work on the bathroom upstairs and work on my hand knit sock. I finished the one and haven't been working on its mate. The bathroom is showing some years of wear and needs re-grouting and new silicone along the tub. I will also fill a few cracks and holes and repaint. The tub will eventually need refinsihed as well. I would like to put a glass door on the shower/tub to make the small room look larger.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Selling Caps

I placed one of my over-felted Liberty or Death caps unto ebay - Child's Liberty or Death Cap Hand Dyed Wool 18th Century. I am advertising it as a child's cap in hopes that someone will buy it so that I am not out totally financially on this batch of four caps that I feel I messed up. You can't undo over-felting.

I also updated my sock brochure to include the caps as I was not advertising them before. But, as a Word document it is too big to post to my website. So, I am sending it to my husband so that he can convert it to a .pdf file since he has Adobe on his computer.
As soon as I get that .pdf file, I will post a copy here for you to see as well as updating my webpage.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ultimate Stash Addition

I went to Stitches Baltimore on Saturday 13 October. I have never seen so much wool in one place. I was a little disappointed because there wasn't a single vendor that sold any dye material. Almost everyone was selling their hand-dyed yarn so I guess they expected you to buy already dyed wool, not buy wool to dye yourself.

I did buy a few additions to my stash. One was a total treat and was the most expensive yarn that I have bought. The wool of dreams.

I bought a one ounce skein of 100% Qiviuk in color number 3002, collected and spun by the Windy Valley Muskox, Alaska. I think that I am going to knit it up into a scarf. Windy Valley Muskox was also showing some items that were knits with the wool. One was a sweater that would take three skeins. They weren't selling the pattern yet so I will have to keep checking back to their web site because the pattern was gorgeous.

I also bought a new PurlPod backpack that doubles as a yarn tote made by Elizabeth Garson. Not only is it beautiful and functional, it actually stays on my shoulder. It has a zippered bottom where you put your yarn. You feed it up through the bottom so that your project is actually held in the purse part of the bag. I then can stuff all sorts of stuff in there as well. She also includes a little bag to put your knitting accessories in that snaps onto the top inside of the bag. There are pockets for my blackberry, glasses, and keys. She has chosen beautiful material for the bags. I chose the Diamond Line in Honeycomb. Elizabeth was there at the show all the way from Olympia, Washington with lots of enthusiasm showing her product explaining why she has made it exactly as it is. I believe it is perfect for all my travels, especially on the plane. I do travel a lot and that is why the bag interested me. And, Gwen thinks it is a new wonderful toy too. What better endorsement do I need?

Last weekend I also canned up the pickles that I had in the crock for the last three weeks. I took a bite out of one of the cucumbers and it tasted great. Its got carrots, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts as well as cucumbers. Yumm.