Sunday, June 21, 2009

Misc Photos May and June 2009

I finally downloaded pictures from my Blackberry. These photos are form May and June 2009.

Washington Monument with Ranger on Horseback

Washington Monument from World War II Memorial

Mike and I during Chesapeake Bay Air Ride 6 June 2009.

Gwen chewing up my bike helmet after I brought it up to dry after riding home in the rain.

Flowers in Front Yard.

My sister Barb with two of her kids - Emily and Max.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Finished First Century of the Year

My husband and I finished our first century of the year. A century is a 100 mile bike road made by those bicyclists that have nothing better to do. We raised almost $2,000 for the Maryland Lung Association. The weather was perfect for the ride - cloudy all day, temperature high of 76 degrees, and hardly any wind. And since we were riding on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the ride was almost completely flat. The biggest "hill" was the bridge to Assateague Island.

Following the ride, we were rewarded with all-you-can-eat Maryland crab. Mmmm.

Thanks again to all that donated for the cause.