Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bird Watching?

Can this be considered bird watching? Gwen is so cute. People would expect a cat or maybe a dog looking out the window but never a parrot. What would you do if you saw a parrot watching you from a two-story window?

I made 2 pair of stockings for a customer. I tried to rush them - big mistake. If I rush, for some reason, there is always some catastrophic problem and I end up dropping them off the machine and starting over, some 90% of the way done. The stitches are so small on these stockings that it is hard to pick up more than 5 stitches that get dropped. My biggest problem is the yarn gets stuck on the black stripper blades which cause the stitches to drop. Does anyone else that uses a E6000 have this problem?

And finally, a picture I took this morning. Hilo Bike Hub is my favorite bike shop and I have spent many hours there. Thanks Chris, Adam, and Ryan (the best bicycle mechanic that I know). I am looking forward to our next visit! Riding the Big Island is full of hills and the "Hub" keeps us in the best gear.
Their bottles sure do travel!