Monday, March 03, 2008

1st Virginia Regiment Annual Meeting

For the 2 March 2008 1st Virginia Regiment Annual Meeting, I had completed 7 pairs of stockings and 1 Liberty or Death Cap to sell. I ended up selling three pairs of the stockings and the cap. Having stockings there for people to touch and see was so much better than just having a flyer.

It made me realize that if I had had two pairs of children's stockings there, I probably could have sold them as well. It also allowed folks to see what different colors I am able to dye. I believe that I have orders now for two pairs of stockings and more Liberty or Death caps.

So, that means that I have to do more Madder Red dyeing. I found a website where I can order powdered root at a really great price - $5.85 a pound. The company is the Monterey Bay Spice Company.

I believe that I have enough wool yarn. Right now I have over 5 pounds. It only takes about 250 grams for a pair of stockings.

Now I have work to do!

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