Monday, August 18, 2008

AOL FTP Inoperable

I normally do not post blogs which trash anyone or anything. But, I go out of form today to post my frustration with AOL.

I have spent many hours trying to get my FTP site to work on AOL for one of my usernames. I finally ended up using AOL's instant tech help site. They proceed to tell me that the FTP is not running correctly since they did an FTP software update last week and that I have to wait for them to fix the problem before I can post files to my FTP site. It has been over a week and it appears that AOL has no intention to fix their FTP program.

What burns me even more is that we are stilling a paying customer of AOL, not a free user. We pay $23 a month and still can't get AOL to fix their FTP issue. AOL should have tested their new FTP program before posting it for use. What were they thinking?

AOL - what do you intent to do? We could become non-paying customers and get the same s*%$^@ we are getting now. That will be next step - become a non-paying customer - if the issue is not resolved within a week.

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