Monday, June 25, 2007

$35 Wool Madder Red Liberty or Death Cap?

On Sunday, I just finished knitting the second version of my Liberty or Death Cap. I love it. The lettering is much bigger and it didn't felt it too much. I knitted one on Saturday but I mistakenly felted it too much and it wouldn't even fit on my head, let alone try to stretch it to fit on a man's head.

I dyed the madder red wool yarn while we were at Bordentown 9-10 June 2007. The color is beautiful and the natural wool used on the lettering contrasts well.

I designed this hat to sell. With my labor and supplies, the cost would be $35. Would people be willing to pay $35 for a hand-dyed homemade Wool Madder Red Liberty or Death Cap?

I am weary about trying to sell the first on eBay as I never seem to get the money I want. I can't run a business without getting the cost of my labor and supplies. No matter how much I enjoy doing it.


Anonymous said...

I want to buy your cap! Is it for sale? I have a large female head. Can i commission one? Please let me know. Thank you,
Christi Farina

Brass said...

Excellent work! I wish I knew how your natural madder red dyes always look so good and even. G. G. Godwin watch out!

Geoff B said...

Are you still making these? Would love to have one for my Revolutionary War re-enactment collection.