Monday, June 02, 2008

Christening Gown

I have been working on a gift for a friend since April who is due to have a baby girl in June. It is now June and I don't have the whole thing knit. I found this pattern in the 1997 July/August Machine Knitter's Source.

Here is the top which I have put together. There is lace on the bottom of the sleeves. This has not been blocked yet. The brown is the waste yarn that will get yanked out once I have all the stitches sewn up together.

And here is the back. It will get a snap at the top.

The pictures don't do it justice. I need to hurry up and finish it and then post the final pictures for you to see.

I thought I had the whole bottom piece knit but when I put the back with the front I realized that the back was done on the wrong tension and now I have to knit the whole back again.

I am knitting this on my E6000 so the knit stitches are very, very tiny. So when trying to sew the pieces together it takes a small needle and lots of time to catch all of the little stitches.

The other huge project that I have taken on is to redo the garage before my husband comes home. It will be my gift to him. Plus it keeps me busy. All I can tell you is that it looks great. I finished up most everything this weekend. Now I need to clean it up and hang the last light. I can't post the pictures until later because I don't want him to know what it looks like.

I thought that I was stopped Sunday when the drill bit broke and the drill with the broken bit went through the top of my left thumb. It was very painful. I had to yank the nail out of the bleeding mess. I don't think you want to see a picture although I did take a few. I was able to gain my composure and finish up the workbench.

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