Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Black Walnut and Onion Mitten

I finished one of my mittens made with the black walnut and onion dyed wool dyed. I designed them with sayings from "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine.

The mitten is beautiful but it is too small. I saw that it would be too small about halfway through but I wanted to finish the design to see what it would look like. I am glad I did. I learned a lot about carrying the yarn in the back and saw some design flaws.

I made the mitten to the size indicated in a knitting book for a size 7 hand. It turned out to be the exact size so I know my gauge is right. But, obviously, the size is not right in the book. Very frustrating.

I have graphed out the new designs and can't wait to start knitting them!

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