Monday, February 19, 2007

Stockings with Back Cabling

Sunday, I played around with putting a cable pattern at the back of a pair of stockings. I spent most of the day trying to find a pattern that worked AND looked nice. I had one that looked nice but was nearly impossible to get right and it was easy to drop a stitch - which would leave giant holes in the stockings that were nearly impossible to fix.

I settled on a simple 10 row 4-stitch cable pattern. I used 7 ounces (188 grams) of the cochineal yarn to make the final pair. I wore them today at the George Washington Birthday Parade in Alexandria, Virginia dressed as a 1st Virginia Regiment camp-follower.

I am also posting pictures of the light blue stockings that I made last weekend. I made flat knitted fabric and then cut out the stockings and sewed them together. I used a pattern and the socks seemed a little big. So, I felted them a little. Now they are tight and they have lost their knitted stretch.

Hopefully you can see the way that they were sewn together in the photo. The fit of them, even when they were big, come no where close to the fit of my fitted socks. It was nice to try to make a period sock using fabric but I can't see me wearing them. The seam on the bottom of the heal is too distracting.

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