Monday, October 13, 2008

Rev War Regimental Coat Colors

In the last couple of years I have been doing some natural dying using the materials that were available during the Revolutionary War. You can see many of my "experiments" in my earlier blogs. I have done numerous dye baths of madder and indigo - more madder than indigo. Indigo is much more difficult and requires many more materials.

My latest madder is the deepest that I have done and the color stayed even with a wash and felting. Look at my latest batch of Liberty or Death caps. I am going to try to sell these caps at the Battle of the Hook this coming weekend.

I had gotten pretty close to the madder a while ago but could not figure out what dye would have colored the dark blue wool of Revolutionary Regimental coats. The color is so deep of a blue that I didn't think it was possible to dye it using only indigo.

That is until this weekend. I tried a new recipe for indigo and the color this time is terrific. Just look at how close my blue is to my husband's coat (the color was a little darker until it was washed and dried). I am tickled with the result and can't help but look at the yarn over and over again.

I plan on doing another batch of indigo at the Battle of the Hook. My goal will be to get an even darker blue. Wouldn't a Monmouth cap of blue the same color as the regimental coat look great! Although the men won't admit it, they want to look stylish as well.

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I noticed these caps and I really want one. Will you be at Battle of the Hook 2013? Are you still making them? If this blog is still active, I will get in touch with my contact info.