Saturday, February 07, 2009

Finally a Vacation

We are finally well enough after our bout with stomach flu to actually be doing our usual vacation things such as road bike riding. Although the weather has been a little rainy, we have been getting a ride in everyday since Tuesday. We even tried to fit in a mountain bike ride with a bunch of folks from The Hilo Bike Hub. Turned out to be not such a good idea.

Mountain biking is not a skill I hold. And after last night, I am not sure that I will be willing to try again. I did a "great" fall trying to jump over a log. Didn't do either well - I didn't jump the log and I didn't fall well. First picture is of my left arm and the other is of my left knee.

I would have kept riding even after wiping out except on the fall, I somehow messed up my left hand. Scratches and bruises have never stopped me from riding but when I can't hold unto the handlebar, I have no option but to quit. I have had the wrist immobilized since last night following icing and it hurts much less today although it is still swollen (not much). I don't think anything is broken just really bruised. I was able to ride the bike to breakfast (with the wrist splint) and also to take a 10 mile road bike ride this afternoon without too much pain.

Will try to knit some more on my Oak Leaf and Acorn Scarf. Hopefully my wrist injury doesn't stop me from knitting. I will run out of yarn before finishing. Another skein awaits me at home. I could have finished it with one skein if I had done the pattern length - I decided to add a little more.

And to top a not so great vacation, United has upgraded us to 1st Class on the flight back - yeah! Something good at last.

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