Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Sea Chest

We picked up our new maple Sea Chest today made by:

Henderson & Vinci, Historical Cabinetmakers & Joyners
205 Birch Street, N.E.
Leesburg, Virginia 20176-2521, USA
(703) 777-3923 Fax (703) 777-9507

It is beautiful. Normally, Sea Chests are painted. But I loved the wood so much that I just can't see painting it.
We put it at the end of our bed. However, Gwen the cockatoo believes that it is a striped, maple, cockatoo eater. So, for now, we had to cover it up. We will slowly uncover it so that she can get used to it slowly.
I finished a custom order for a pair of silk stockings. These stockings have my new toe and heel. Since I am mimicking 18th Century hand knit stockings (which were knit with fine needles), I didn't like my machine knit toe and heel for my reproduction stockings.
I am apprehensive on whether the customer will like these stockings as much as I do. He is an expert on 18th Century clothing and has had some actually garments in his collection.

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