Monday, June 12, 2006


Currently I am knitting a pair of Revolutionary War stockings for my husband out of Misti Alpaca Worsted Natural White (okay, so they didn't have alpaca in the late 1700's). I have one already knit. This yarn is so soft. I have knit myself a pair also out of the Misti Alpaca Sport Red Fiesta Melange. I am using a pattern out of Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I have had to adjust it to fit our legs (we have large legs?).

I have an old machine knitting sock pattern that I believe should work up nice for 18th century socks. I need to find the time to try them out. Problem with my machine knitting is the machine is upstairs in a back bedroom away from everything - the TV, my husband and our Pet. Gwen, our Umbrella Cockatoo, refuses to come anywhere near the machine. She believes that it is going to eat her. It sure sounds like it could. So, I am reluctant to go up there and do any serious knitting. There just isn't room to move it downstairs to the living room.

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