Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sock Crisis

I would like to get my husband's socks done for the 4th of July event at Mount Vernon. I figured that since I have one sock done that the goal was very reachable. He is getting promoted to Corporal and he plans on wearing a new set of breaches that he is making. I want him to look good.

Then the Knitter's crisis hit - I am about to run out of yarn - AAAWWWW. I knit my socks using Sport weight and I assumed his socks would take the same number of skeins. I didn't notice until Saturday that I was using Worsted weight on his socks and that I had used four of the six skeins I had purchased. I franticly made some phone calls and found that the yarn stores in the area are all out of the Natural White Misti Alpaca Worsted. I ordered some from the Internet. I hope it gets here fast. I believe that I will run out by tonight. I can't believe that I went through 2 skeins already since Saturday.

The sock is making progress though. Right now it measures 11 inches. I've got 112 rows before the heel starts. I was doing about 16 rows a night despite getting home late. That means, if I can get yarn that conservatively, I can get to the heel by next Monday. I always knit more than 16 rows on the weekend though so if I have yarn, I should be at the heel by Sunday. Please yarn, come quickly!

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Anita said...

Hi Leslie,
Thanks for the dieting comments!! Nice to see someone is actually reading my ramblings LOL.
I do not knit but I crochet and one of the projects I have been wanting to do is make socks. Just some fun socks, not for anything special. I haven't found a pattern yet.
Good Luck with your project!! I hope you get your yarn in time.