Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Machine Knit Stockings

I've finished a pair of Machine Knit wool stockings. One is longer than the other because I failed to follow the instructions that I had written down. (So, Leslie, why write the instructions down if you don't plan on following them?) I figure that since no one sees the top of my stockings (they are hidden by my petticoats) that no one needs to know that one is longer than the other.

But, through trial and error, I've got a pattern that works. Now I've got to take my husband's measurements and see if I can do a pair for him.

It takes me an hour to make a pair and about 4 ounces of wool. That means that I could charge about $35 a pair for these if I decide to knit them for money. I've got to find cheaper yarn though. The stuff I bought at the local yarn shop was way too expensive. It is too thin and I am having to double it. It is about 5,000 yards per pound. I need about 2,000 yards per pound.

But, I have not been just knitting. Gwen and I have been practicing her Wave trick. Here she is waving at the camera.

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