Sunday, November 02, 2008

Knit a Gogo Glam Knits at The Morrison House

This weekend I attended a design workshop with Stefanie Japel at the Morrison House in Alexandria, Virginia put on by Knit-A-GoGo. What a great weekend. Thanks Danielle for putting the whole weekend together.

Stefanie walked us through the steps to design our own top-down raglan sweater. Very informative. She made the math look really easy. And we cool gifts including Stefanie's latest book - Glam Knits.

I started one today. I took a picture of it but the picture doesn't really show you anything. So, sorry, no picture until later.

I did kinnear Stephanie right after we took a group photo.

Got the back of her head too.

I also got a private shot with her but my blackberry didn't take a really good photo.

To change the subject - I finally downloaded some of my pictures from the Gloucester trip two weeks ago. Here is my dye display table I set up on Saturday. The wind was so bad on Sunday that I wasn't able to set it out.

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